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Welcome to Skazka Labrador Retrievers. We are a small hobby kennel in Corbeil, Ontario.  Labrador Retrievers is our love, not our living; they are an important part of our family.


We compete in Canadian Kennel Club and American Kennel Club conformation events, and also enjoy the challenge and fun of obedience and Rally-O competitions.

The main objective of Skazka Labrador Retrievers is to produce litters of Labrador puppies that will meet or exceed the breed standard. We enjoy our new life of showing beautiful dogs and meeting others whom share our goals with the Labrador breed.  We are dedicated to owning and breeding Labrador Retrievers for show, companionship, work, and play.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website, find it informative, helpful, and get enjoyment from seeing and obtaining enjoyable information about Labrador retrievers.


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